13th Annual NORDP
Research Development Conference

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Concurrent Sessions 1 | Monday, May 3 | 12:15 - 1:45 pm EDT


Gender in Research Development and Compensation Advocacy

Kay Tindle, Texas Tech University; Kimberly Eck, Emory University; and Stephanie Jones, Texas Tech University

This session will provide the results of a NORD/InfoReady-funded study on the gender differences among RD professionals in relation to salaries, education levels, job titles, career aspirations, perceptions of gender and power, and perceptions of opportunities for and barriers to advancement. Attendees will also learn of NORDP resources and tools that can be utilized for their own career advancement. The session will also include a short tutorial on how to use and interpret the results of the Salary Calculator and will end with an interactive discussion on ways to communicate the value of RD up the chain and across campus. (Intermediate | Career and Personal Development)

Things their mentor never told them: Management and entrepreneurship for PIs

M. S. AtKisson, AtKisson Training Group, LLC, and Rachel Dresbeck, Oregon Health and Sciences University

When faculty start new positions, they need to lay the foundations for long-term success. But few PhD or post-doc programs prepare investigators for what is, essentially, starting a small business. Managing people, planning long-term for development of their research enterprise, or even how to think about the non-research elements necessary to support the establishment of a strong base—all are learned on the job. This session will provide new tools for framing the research-related skills needed for early-stage faculty to succeed, appropriate for a spectrum of RD professionals. (Intermediate | Communication of Research and Research Priorities)

Horizon Europe: Opportunities for Transatlantic Partnerships and Careers

Mary Kavanagh, Delegation of the European Union to the USA; Claire Morel, Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions at the European Commission; Martin Penny, European Research Council; Jackson Howard, EURAXESS North America, and Edel Minogue, Brown University

Opening with an overview on international collaboration, this panel session will introduce the newly initiated Horizon Europe program, Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions and European Research Council, and how it can enhance scientific collaboration between Europe and the US. Euraxess North America, an initiative that supports researcher mobility and career development, will also be discussed. Expert panelists from the EU will present these opportunities and guide the audience through the options and practicalities of application. Participants will learn how best to prepare their faculty for these competitive submissions, including alignment of US-Europe research priorities, how to identify potential partners and allowable costs. (Fundamental | Enhancement of Collaboration)

One Destination, Multiple Pathways: Approaches for Recruiting, Developing, and Retaining Top RD Talent

Barbara Endemaño Walker, University of California Santa Barbara; Susan Carter, Santa Fe Institute; Nathan Meier, University of Nebraska-Lincoln; and Kim Patten, University of Arizona

The RD profession has seen a steady increase in job openings ranging from grant writers to directors to associate vice presidents. However, there is little understanding of how people enter the profession or the variety of sources of RD talent, whether from research administration, academic careers, or elsewhere. We will explore diverse paths into RD and recruitment and retention strategies at four distinct institutions. Facilitated conversation and structured assessment among attendees will develop better understanding of potential sources of RD talent and new ways to bring attention to the RD profession in various promising arenas to expand the RD pipeline. (Intermediate | Strategic Research Advancement)

How Can Your Institution Benefit from the Growth of Open Access Publishing?

Rebecca Hill, F1000Research (Taylor & Francis Group)

Join Becky Hill, Strategic Partnership Manager at F1000 (f1000research.com) and Taylor & Francis Group, for an interactive demonstration of the company’s unique open research publishing platform—see how F1000 can help your institution benefit from the growth of open access publishing by raising your institution’s research profile, maximizing impact and supporting your researchers by removing barriers to knowledge exchange.

In this session, you’ll see why global funders like Wellcome Trust, the European Commission and the Gates Foundation use an F1000 platform to support grantees, whose research, data sets and other research outputs are available rapidly, openly and transparently to the worldwide scientific and scholarly community. Session also includes interactive Q&A.