13th Annual NORDP
Research Development Conference

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Concurrent Sessions 2 | Monday, May 3 | 2:15 - 3:15 pm EDT


Pivot with What You’ve Got: Responding to Pandemic-related Challenges using Existing RD Resources

Amy Carroll, Brown University, and Anne Maglia, University of Massachusetts Lowell

In this talk, we will provide a comparison of our experiences leading the safe return of researchers to campus and developing seed-funding opportunities in response to COVID-19. On both campuses, RD teams co-opted existing resources---Google Suite at Brown and InfoReady Review at UML---to pivot quickly in response to pandemic-related challenges. We will present our lessons learned, including principles for developing rapid institution-wide responsiveness to urgent research opportunities, tips and skills for leadership during crisis situations, and pros and cons of two different systems for managing complex processes, multiple stakeholders, and various document types. (Intermediate | Strategic Research Advancement)

Approaches for Measuring the Effectiveness of Research Development

Wendi Jensen, University of Nebraska Medical Center; Bridget Hughes, University of Utah; Sara Myers, University of Nebraska at Omaha

How do we know if our research development work matters? We know that evaluation or reflective consideration can help us determine how to assign resources of time, dollars, and talent. Metrics can be used to show the value of the research development office and increase investment in research development activities. We will convene panelists to help explain how they measure the efficacy of research development activities at their respective campuses. Come ready to share your evaluation of the efficacy of research development at your organization! (Fundamental | Strategic Research Advancement)

A Research Development Professional: Just what the doctor ordered

Heather McIntosh, University of Oklahoma School of Community Medicine; Krista Kezbers, University of Oklahoma School of Community Medicine; Elaine Lee, Boston University School of Medicine; and Jessica Moon, Stanford University School of Medicine

Clinical faculty face unique challenges when developing their research programs. What are those struggles and how can RDPs most effectively help them? In this interactive session, we will outline how clinical duties and pressure to generate revenue influence research priorities, as well as how RDPs can advocate with leadership to help balance the clinical and research duties of their faculty. In this session, participants will have opportunities to learn from and network with other RDPs who work with clinical faculty. Participants will leave with new tools as well as a resource guide they can modify to fit their institution. (Intermediate | Communication of Research and Research Priorities)

Lightning Storm: Scientists Can Offer Unique Lenses as RD Professionals

Justin Flory, Arizona State University; Christine Blaumueller, University of Iowa; Robert Lawrence, Binghampton University; Andrea Stith, University of California at Santa Barbara; Sujatha Koduvayur, Worcester Polytechnic Institute; and Toyin Babarinde, MD Anderson

Research Development Professionals with scientific backgrounds can make unique contributions to proposal development, from ideation of the proposed research to the final submitted proposal. A series of lightning talks will travel along the proposal development road and provide tools and resources used by RD professionals with scientific training to shape the competitiveness of a proposal. (Intermediate | Proposal Development and Support)

  • The Role of RD in multidisciplinary strategic planning (Babarinde)
  • Crystalizing concepts and focusing a proposal’s significance (Blaumueller)
  • Synthesizing fragmented science into compelling research (Flory)
  • Role of RD in shaping opportunities for cross-disciplinary team science (Koduvayur)
  • Recombinant Expression and Purification of Your Scientific Skill Set (Lawrence)
  • Scientific Storytelling (Stith)

 Promoting rd resources to faculty

Sharon Pound, University of Tennessee

Build it and they will come. Really? Does that ring true for centralized research development offices? If faculty don't know and/or appreciate the value of RD services, will they ever benefit from them? This session will explore what the University of Tennessee research development staff is doing to get the word out about the services they provide to strengthen proposals, connect collaborators, and empower faculty. From a virtual roadshow, to a series of articles and videos highlighting faculty testimonials, to a new approach that facilitates "handshakes" across campus, UT's RD staff is communicating its services proactively.