13th Annual NORDP
Research Development Conference

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Speaker Resources 

Dates and Deadlines

  • February 15 - Return signed speaker agreement to [email protected]
  • March 15 - Register for the conference (you'll see an email from us with a link once registration opens)
  • April 1 - Send introductions for use by moderators (if not a member of your group) to [email protected] | Pre-recorded sessions are due to [email protected] 
  • April 14 (11 - 11:45 am EDT) - participate in speaker/moderator training (only if you are presenting a live session May 3-6). This session will be recorded if you can't attend but is mandatory as it will train you how to upload your materials into the platform and utilize its tool.  We'll email you details before this event.
  • April 15 - 21 - Upload your FINAL PowerPoint presentation, videos, and any audience polls or handouts to the GTR platform (only if you are presenting a live session May 3-6). Details will provided during speaker training. PowerPoint Template and Clip Art

GTR Resources

GTR is the virtual conference platform selected by NORDP.  Your presentations will be done in Zoom (using GTR licenses). The GTR system functions a bit differently than you may be used to so PLEASE view the Speaker Training Video for more information on how to handle the specific needs of your session. If you want to practice your presentation, please do so by downloading a free Zoom account at Zoom.us. The NORDP Zoom licenses will not be activated by GTR until 20 minutes prior to your session.


Presentation Resources


The guides below provide the technical guidance you need to plan your presentations, roundtables and recordings on each of the various platforms.


ReCORDING | NORDP2021: Strategies for Effective Visual Presentations

Are you interested in designing and presenting a virtual session or workshop for the 2021 NORDP conference? This webinar is designed to engage anyone interested in engaging conference audiences using virtual tools. It’s time for you to get excited about sharing your expertise and experience with the NORDP community! Register to view this complimentary webinar here. Members: please take a minute to login to your LMS account using your NORDP login. Nonmembers: if you don't already have a NORDP LMS account you can create one in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.  

High Impact Online events GUidebook 

This member-only resource, prepared by the NORDP Professional Development Committee, is designed to help presenters identify and incorporate highly interactive elements into their online events to enhance the events’ design and impact. The guide provides tools to help you think through your event and information your decision-making. Members can access the guidebook here.  

Slide Template

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Zoom Background

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