14th Annual NORDP Research Development Conference
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Concurrent Sessions 4 | Tuesday, April 26 | 11:00 - 12:30 pm ET

What Counts as Success in Research Development at Primarily Undergraduate Institutions: A Discussion of Metrics
Presenters: Jennifer Glass, Eastern Michigan University; Michael Leery, Lindenwood University; Amy Cuhel-Shuckers, University of the Sciences in Philadelphia; Dean Gerstein, Pomona College; Jason Charland, University of Maine

This interactive session focuses on metrics for institutions where undergraduate teaching is the primary faculty responsibility. We start with an overview of WHY one might collect RD metrics. We will discuss a 2x2 matrix for classifying metrics by type and purpose, then consider case studies of their real-life use for various goals. Break-out groups will brainstorm and report other potential metric ideas. The learning goals are: 1. Develop a better understanding of “what counts as success in RD at PUIs.” 2. Provide a menu of ideas for your institution. 3. Construct a dynamic list of metrics for RD pros. (Intermediate)

Insane in the Brain – Time Management for RD Professionals
Presenters: Jessica Moon, Stanford University ; Lisa Lopez, California State University, Fullerton; Samarpita Sengupta, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center; Elaine Meinzer, University of Michigan

Are you feeling overworked? Are you wondering how your colleagues seem so productive (do they even sleep at all)? Does your organizational style need a refresh? Are you searching for time management solutions? If yes, this session is for you!  Avoid being chained to your email. Dare to resist switch-tasking. Take control and close all those open tabs in your head. Only you can prevent mental forest fires. Join us to learn about common pitfalls for RD professionals as well as tools for organization and time management and strategies on setting boundaries through multiple interactive learning formats. (Intermediate)

#MENTORINGMATTERS Stories across research development professionals' career span 
Presenters: Kathy Partlow, University of Nebraska-Lincoln; Melissa Li, University of Michigan

Do you find yourself wondering if you are ready to be a mentor, how to help mentees navigate networks for career transition, or the secret to work-life integration at different personal and professional stages? If you answer “Yes” to any of these questions, this session is for you. Four panelists across the RD career span will share their #MentoringMatters stories and engage in interactive discussions. This session will demonstrate healthy and effective approaches to career transitions, the value of networks, and the role mentoring has at all stages of career development for RD professionals. (Intermediate)

Presenter: Joanna Downer, Duke University School of Medicine

Research Development professionals are likely to be at high risk for chronic stress and burnout due to the responsibilities and deadlines of RD coupled with personality traits as “helpers” and the demands of the pandemic age. The goals of this highly interactive session are to understand and identify our own and others' contributions to stress, explore a robust “tool-kit” for reducing stress and regaining work-life balance, establish a specific plan of action to reassign or reduce participants’ own stressors in both the short- and long-term, and empower participants to make continued improvements over time. (RD Fundamentals) 

Presenters: Betsy Stubblefield Loucks, Brown University; Jessica Brassard, University of Michigan

What makes a good framing question? See what we did there? Join us to share strategies on using “beautiful questions” and “appreciative inquiries” to invite participation and promote productivity (and fun!) in your collaborative work. Moderators will draw on their own experience with Appreciative Inquiry and Strategic Doing. Please share your own approaches, skills, and tools to foster beautiful facilitated discussions. (RD Fundamentals)