Committees & Affinity Groups

Committee on Inclusive Excellence

The Committee on Inclusive Excellence (CIE) began as a working group in 2017 and became the newest organizational committee in 2018. The CIE works to operationalize inclusive excellence within NORDP, to realize NORDP's goal to "foster a culture of inclusive excellence by actively promoting and supporting diversity, inclusion and equity in all its forms to expand our worldview, enrich our work, and elevate our profession." This committee serves to advise NORDP leadership and committees toward creating and maintaining a welcoming and supportive environment for all NORDP members, partners, and affiliates. To ensure the integration of these values throughout NORDP, the CIE has representatives on all other NORDP committees. Please contact [email protected].

Member Services Committee

The Member Services Committee (MSC) manages membership benefits, and develops, recommends and implements programs for member recruitment and retention. To carry out these responsibilities, the MSC coordinates appointment and outreach activities of MSC Regional Representatives. The MSC is a main point of contact for regional groups, as they develop, and assists in their coordination with the NORDP Board. The MSC also develops and implements membership survey data instruments as necessary to ensure that statistical data and information on the membership are maintained and that NORDP has a pulse on the types of resources needed to effectively support the membership at large. Through collaboration with the other NORDP committees and working groups, the MSC helps ensure that appropriate communication and valuable information and resources are effectively delivered to all NORDP members. Learn more about Affinity Groups HERE.

Mentoring Committee

The  Mentoring Committee is focused on providing meaningful mentoring expertise to support the professional development of NORDP members. At any given time, about 10 percent of all NORDP members are participating in the annual Mentoring Program. Many members continue their mentoring relationships beyond the formal "one-year" program.

The committee facilitates the annual Mentoring Program, which matches mentors, mentees and peer mentors; develops and refines OnBoarding materials to support a successful start to the mentoring relationship; provides mentoring-focused webinars and resources for all NORDP members; and engages in continual program improvement. Committee members engage in scholarly activities which include presentations at regional and national meetings, analyzing program data, and preparing written materials. All NORDP members have access to the Mentoring Toolkit to support mentoring relationships. There is also the NORDP Mentoring Program.


New Opportunities for Research Development

The NORD committee fosters the strategic development of the field and study of Research Development. The committee engages in:

  • Supporting research through the NORD / InfoReady grant in Research Development to develop and disseminate processes and tools for operating effectively as a research development professional in the knowledge mobilization and innovation spaces.
  • Participating in or encouraging the publishing of articles and thought papers on research development as a field, highlighting its role and importance in supporting knowledge creation and mobilization activities in contexts where external funding is sought.
  • Publishing Research Development Review: The NORDP Journal to support and enhance the work of research development professionals and their partners in establishing a field.
  • Developing partnerships and programming.

Nominating Committee

NORDP's Nominating Committee (NomCom) facilitates the annual Board of Directors nomination, application, and election processes. NomCom maintains the organization’s election procedures and promotes board applicant and election information among the membership.

Professional Development Committee

The goals of the Professional Development Committee are to help provide opportunities for Research Development Professionals to build their skills and knowledge and to share information about research development practices and activities that have been used successfully in various settings.

Strategic Alliances

The Strategic Alliances Committee focuses on the interactions between NORDP and all external entities, including research funding, government and private agencies, and other professional organizations. Our goal is to become recognized as the "go-to" organization regarding interactions between funding agencies and research performing institutions, and to facilitate communication and collaborations between research institutions themselves.


Affinity Groups

NORDP is proud to provide ways for members to share ideas and support each other as Research Development professionals. One of these ways is through our thematic Affinity Groups.

Academic Medicine/Affiliate Medical Center (AMC NORDP)

The Academic Medicine/Affiliate Medical Center Affinity Group (AMC NORDP) engages research development professionals and researchers from diverse institutions with a medical component. This group provides professional development opportunities unique for RD staff working with biomedical researchers, clinician-researchers, and clinician-educators in an academic medicine or affiliated medical center setting and facilitates collaboration among these RD professionals and researchers. Any Active NORDP Member who is interested in or works with/in an academic medicine or AMC is eligible to become an AMC NORDP member. To get involved, contact Heather McIntosh at [email protected], Katie Keough, [email protected] and Wendi Jensen, [email protected].

Immigrant Knowledge and Wisdom, iKnoW

 (iKnoW) seeks to empower and engage RD professionals and researchers who identify as immigrants from diverse institutions to contribute to inclusive excellence, resource generation, recruitment and retention of RD professionals to ultimately advance NORDP mission. iKnoW seeks to do this by Supporting RDPs with immigrant background and experiences thrive in their positions by providing professional development, advocacy, networking, mentoring and leadership opportunities; serving as a resource for international knowledge and immigrant experiences as it pertains to Research Development in particular, and research in general; empowering individuals with immigrant background and experiences to seek out positions within Research Development; generating awareness and inform RD professionals and leaders about immigrant impact to foster a culture of diversity, equity and inclusion; collaborating with NORDP Committee on Inclusive Excellence to work towards a culture of inclusion within NORDP and contributing in meaningful ways across multiple committees, with an emphasis on CIE activities. 


 Samarpita Sengupta: [email protected]

 Gagan Bajaj: [email protected]


Predominantly Undergraduate Institutions (PUI NORDP)

The Predominantly Undergraduate Institutions Affinity Group of NORDP (PUI NORDP) supports the professional development of NORDP members from Predominantly Undergraduate Institutions (PUIs) and other teaching-intensive institutions by fostering collaboration and community between and among NORDP PUI members and advancing the field of research development at PUIs and other similar institutional contexts.  PUI NORDP also aims to provide professional development support to members who may not have access to such opportunities at their institutions. PUI NORDP welcomes all members who work within - or otherwise are interested in supporting - PUIs and/or other teaching-intensive contexts. Our group meets monthly, and coordinates between meetings using Basecamp. Members may ‘opt-in’ to the PUI NORDP Basecamp here. Please also feel free to reach out to PUI NORDP Co-Chairs Sarah Robertson ([email protected]) and/or William Kay ([email protected]) with any questions!

AY23-24 PUI NORDP Leadership Team:
William Kay, Co-Chair | McAllister & Quinn ([email protected])
Sarah Robertson, Co-Chair | Bryn Mawr College ([email protected])
Kara Luckey, Past Chair | Seattle University ( [email protected] )
Dean Gerstein, At-Large Member | Pomona College ([email protected])

Creative Arts, Social Sciences, and Humanities (CASSH) Affinity Group

The Creative Arts, Social Sciences, and Humanities (CASSH) affinity group enables the
professional development of NORDP members who support faculty in the Creative Arts,
Humanities, and Social Sciences. We endeavor to 1) develop a community of practice around
humanities, creative arts, and social science research development, 2) marshal and create
collective resources, 3) address the professional gap in effective research development practices
in these disciplines, and 4) represent the interests of these disciplines within and beyond
CASSH holds monthly meetings, facilitates working groups, and hosts meetups and other
activities at NORDP events. At monthly meetings, we cover a different topic or focus from a list
of suggestions made by (and voted on) our members. Last year's programming included in-depth
presentations on a huge range of funders and programs for research in the arts, humanities, and
social sciences, including the NEH, NEA, ACLS, NSF, Guggenheim, Mellon, and others;
participant-led discussions around faculty development, collaborative research, strategic
planning, or anything else that members want to discuss; and insights from some of the smartest,
most generous folks in all of NORDP. CASSH also has ongoing conversations -- and a growing
archive of useful materials -- hosted in our members-only Basecamp.
Any Active NORDP Members who work with (or are interested in learning more about working
with) CASSH faculty are eligible to become a CASSH NORDP member. To get involved,
contact co-Chairs Kevin Boettcher ([email protected])and/or Leah Gorman
([email protected]).





NORDP Regions

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