NORDP Job Board

The NORDP job board is a free service provided to advance the emerging role of Research Development professionals within academia and in other organizations. To post an open position, send a link to the online posting and a PDF to [email protected]. Note: Jobs are posted at the discretion of NORDP to ensure highest relevance. 

NORDP 2020 Career Connector

Want to connect with candidates interested in your position, or chat potential candidates for positions that may be opening soon? If you are planning on attending NORDP 2020, May 17-20 in San Antonio, TX – and are interested in meeting with potential new hires we have a great opportunity for you!

Just indicate the name/email of the person from your organization who will attend NORDP2020 when you send your posting to [email protected]. Your job will move to the top of the list (here!), and we’ll set up a link that allows attendees to email your representative. We'll even send you a list of potential places at the facility you might meet.

They your "recruiter" and potential candidates can arrange a time and place to meet during NORDP 2020… and you’ll be on your way to filling that vacancy in a flash. Take a look at the sample posting below:



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