NORDP Liaisons Program


: a person who helps organizations or groups to work together and provide information to each other

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NORDP Liaisons is an exciting opportunity for NORDP members to thoroughly advocate for Research Development to external organizations and associations while gaining additional professional experience. While championing NORDP, Liaisons provide an invaluable service to NORDP members by gathering and sharing relevant and useful information as part of a broad and strategic outreach program.

  • ALL NORDP members are eligible to apply to become a NORDP Liaison!
  • Individuals who become a NORDP Liaison to an organization will be provided with useful resources to get started in their new roles.
  • The Strategic Alliances Committee will do its best to accommodate individual requests to add new liaison organizations.

The goal is that the NORDP Liaison program will lead to enjoyable, positive, and engaging experiences that broaden our organizational alliances to the benefit of NORDP members as well as the NORDP organization and that complement your current professional roles!

Role of a NORDP Liaison

  1. Serve as a point of contact between NORDP and the targeted organization. Some organizations are large enough, that a member may serve as the point of contact for a portion.
  2. Monitor when Research Development activities are occurring within your targeted organization and to share that information with NORDP’s membership through brief reports to be shared on the NORDP listserv and webpage.
  3. Increase the visibility of NORDP and the concept of Research Development among these targeted organizations’ members and leadership through email, teleconferences, discussions, posters, and presentations.
  4. Through interactions, discuss how Research Development and the mission of NORDP compliments a number of themes of current interest within these organizations such as: alternative career paths within academia; increasing national and international research collaborations; and how to build multidisciplinary research teams among diverse groups of individuals.
  5. When transitioning out of a liaison role, provide points of contact and other relevant information to the incoming liaison.

NORDP Liaisons serve a minimum of 2 years (3 years for AAAS-related Liaisons) and provide quarterly bulleted feedback to the Strategic Alliances Committee who will share this information on the NORDP News blog. NORDP Liaisons are members of the Strategic Alliances Committee, which provides support for this outreach activity through various projects and teleconferences.

Want to learn more? Feel free to contact one of the current liaisons, or talk to one of the co-chairs.

Interested in becoming a NORDP Liaison?

NORDP is interested in expanding its liaison program to include representation in additional organizations. If there’s an organization that you are already a member of, why not become a NORDP liaison to it? Or, check the list below for openings. Don’t see your organization listed? That’s okay, just email one of the co-chairs to see if your organization is a fit for the NORDP outreach strategy.

What qualifications do I need?

We are looking for individuals who have been a NORDP member for at least two years, have served as a volunteer on a NORDP committee (a Conference committee counts), and have a passion for Research Development.

I’m interested, but how do I learn more about NORDP to be an effective representative?

An orientation with an experienced member of the Board of Directors, background readings, and materials to bring to our liaison organization are part of the process.

What’s the next step?

Click HERE to complete an online application. Applications are received and reviewed on an ongoing basis. After an initial review by a committee of liaisons, the Board of Directors confirms you appointment. You can expect to hear within 30 – 60 days.

Have more questions? Talk to Peggy or Rachel, emails below.

NORDP Liaisons

Current NORDP Liaisons: Engaged NORDP Liaisons are now embedded from California to the UK. Look for upcoming news from this group of NORDP Liaisons! (Please note that you will need to login to read organization profiles; however, when available links to the organizations' website are provided.)

For more information, contact the NORDP Strategic Alliances Committee co-chairs.