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Caroline Ang

Caroline Ang

Caroline joined the University of Bath in 2012, where she is the Research Development Manager for European and International Funding in the University's Research & Innovation Services. A research development professional for more than 12 years, Caroline has focused for almost a decade primarily on European and international funding. She is responsible for increasing the amount and variety of the European and international research grant portfolio; enhancing the research culture through the development of activities to promote collaborative research, improve grant quality, and targeting funding calls; providing guidance on funding strategies for institutes, departments, and individuals; and contributing to training and support activities for early career researchers from all disciplines.

Past Experience

Prior to working at Bath, Caroline lived in Dublin, Ireland for 11 years where she first worked with Science Foundation Ireland, the main STEM funder in Ireland, and then moving to the academic side of the funding fence where she covered a wide range of research-related roles including development, pre-award finance, contract negotiation, post-award project reporting, and public engagement.

Caroline has a keen interest in the practice of research development and has delivered presentations and workshops at a number of conferences including NORDP, SRAI, ARMA (UK), and EARMA (Europe) covering themes such as facilitating collaboration, more efficient research development methods, and working with other institutional professional services.

NORDP Involvement

A NORDP member since 2011, she has been part of the NORDP External Engagement Committee since 2013 as the liaison to the Association for Research Managers and Administrators (UK). She has recently been appointed to the ARMA Qualifications Assessors Pool responsible for evaluating the work of candidates for the Certificate in Research Administration and the Certificate in Research Management. She is also an expert course contributor to the European Academy for Taxes, Economics & Law (Germany).


Caroline has a PhD in neurobiology from The Rockefeller University, and MSc and BSc degrees in molecular biology from the University of Ottawa and the University of Toronto, respectively.