PEERD Consulting Program

PEERD Consultation

When an institution requests a PEERD consultation, NORDP will identify a PEERD expert who is the best match for the institution and its goals (e.g., from peer institutions, can provide particular expertise requested by the institution, etc.). The PEERD expert will conduct an initial conference call with institutional representatives to review packet materials and to discuss what background materials are most pertinent in ensuring a thorough consultation. Background materials could include institutional research data, current institutional organization charts, research strategic plan(s), a list of roles and responsibilities, and annual planning data for research development. The institutional representative(s) will administer the institutional survey, included in the consultation packet, and provide results to the PEERD expert. The PEERD expert will analyze survey results, along with the background materials, and provide the institution with a report of recommendations based on best practices. The PEERD expert will discuss survey results and recommendations with the institutional representative(s) during the consultation. A typical PEERD Consultation costs between $6,000 and $12,000.

Institutions interested in this service should email [email protected].