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Quyen WickhamQuyen Wickham

Mr. Wickham has over 10 years of experience in research development (RD) from two nationally ranked high research universities working at the both central and center level. During this time, he has had the opportunity to develop an understanding of proposal writing, project evaluation, project management, and proposal management. His experience in higher education administration, team science facilitation, and faculty-focused strategy sessions has resulted in a deep appreciation for how research is accomplished by research development professionals. He has applied his training in USAID and the Shipley Associates proposal development process to effectively managing $150 million in full proposals, netting over $35 million in awards in his first 15 months at Arizona State University. He continues to lead presentations on high value solicitations, manage multiple color team reviews to strengthen proposals, and is a regular presenter at university-wide RD professional development trainings.

Past Experience

Mr. Wickham brings an excitement for interdisciplinary and complex scientific problems, an awareness of culture and equity, and a desire for team success when working with faculty at high research universities. After a decade as a research assistant in molecular and cell biology, in 2006 he joined an education research center to plan, write, and eventually administer an NSF Partnerships for Innovation team. As a new Associate Director for the center, he designed institutional evaluation projects, completed formative evaluation of school transformation and other grant-related activities, co-wrote grants, led professional development workshops, and facilitated STEM research and technology education projects.

Joining the University of Oklahoma’s central RD office, he supported the growth of the university’s RD effort while providing individual and team proposal management support; strategized departmental and school advancement; led campus-wide collaboration efforts within and across campuses; and provided research professional development to faculty and students through workshops and seminars. He became active in the Science of Team Science and NORDP communities.

Mr. Wickham joined Arizona State University’s central RD office in early 2019. He brought his skills in team facilitation, knowledge of higher education processes and the culture of scientific research, and a knack for calming teams under pressure to develop compliant and competitive proposals. In this role, he often works with university leadership and top tier faculty members to develop their ideas and teams.

NORDP Involvement

Mr. Wickham’s involvement with NORDP includes several annual conference presentations. He also chaired the Working Group on Facilitating Research Collaboration in 2014, co-Chaired the Enhancing Collaboration Committee in 2015; has been a member of the Digital Tools for Research Development Circle, Academic Medicine/Affiliated Medical School Special Interest Group; and started the RD Project Management Circle. He is a long-time contributor to the NORDP Listserv and has recently participated in the Mentoring Program.


Mr. Wickham has a Master of Arts in Communication and a Bachelor of Science in Microbiology from the University of Oklahoma.