PEERD Consulting Program

Research Development Review

When an institution requests a PEERD review, NORDP will identify at least two PEERD reviewers who are the best match for the institution and its goals (e.g., from peer institutions, can provide particular expertise requested by the institution, etc.). The reviewers, along with the PEERD coordinator, will conduct a conference call with institutional representatives to understand the purpose of the review; the review timeline, including the site visit; and the appropriate format of the final report. They will also discuss what background materials are most pertinent to assist the reviewers in understanding the institution and the role of the research development office or activities. Background materials could include institutional research data, current institutional organization charts, research strategic plan(s), a list of roles and responsibilities, annual planning data for research development, and any recent internal reviews of research development activities. Background materials will be provided to the reviewers at least two weeks prior to the scheduled site visit.

The itinerary for the site visit will be developed by the institution in close consultation with the PEERD reviewers and PEERD coordinator. The on-site review will consist of interviews and/or focus groups with major stakeholders with the goal of crafting an action plan. Site visits typically lasts 2-4 days, with the final day reserved for drafting the report, exit interviews, and travel. Reviewers will complete the report within 15 days of the conclusion of the site visit. The institution will have an opportunity to correct factual inaccuracies, request clarification, and ask questions before a final report is provided. The final report will be delivered within 5 days of the receipt of institutional feedback.

The confidential detailed report will include, as appropriate:

  • Identification of needs
  • Strategic planning
  • Benchmarking tools
  • Best practices
  • Program enhancement guidance
  • Service improvement